Learning Opportunities Starting this Autumn


Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about your faith? Do you find there are more questions than answers? Would you like to join with others to explore and discover more? This autumn there will be a number of new groups starting two of our non-accredited Developing Discipleship courses, Faith & Life and Living Theology North East.

Would you like to read the New Testament in the original Greek? A group will be starting an 18 month course for complete beginners.

For more information on these courses, read on….

Faith & Life will run in a number of venues across Durham and Newcastle Dioceses. The full course lasts for a total of thirty weeks, but if you feel you cannot commit to all of that, you can sign up for individual units lasting six weeks, although many people finish the thirty weeks wanting more! It is a way of exploring your faith a little deeper, and beginning to find answers to questions that may be niggling you. It is about action as well as ideas and you’ll be able to try new approaches to prayer and reading the Bible.

Faith & Life groups are being set up over the summer, so if you are interested in joining, or if you would like to know more about getting a group running at your church, please contact Melody Briggs (Durham) or Jane Scott (Newcastle)

The Faith & Life course challenged me, encouraged me, educated me and inspired me. It helped me to grow in confidence as a Christian and took me on a wonderful journey through scripture, prayer and open and honest discussion. I highly recommend it. Emma

Thinking about the Faith & Life course makes me want to do it all over again. It drew us together, challenged us and blessed us. We still meet together 7 years on. Pat

Faith and Life was a fabulous opportunity to get to know people from other church backgrounds, to discuss very openly with them, their faith. An atmosphere of mutual trust was generated, knowing that we were all interested in following the Christian path, but at different stages. Karen

Living Theology North East is designed for people who wish to reflect on God’s purpose for their lives and it can lay the foundations for further study in theology and ministry. It is a non-academic course designed to introduce Christian disciples to entry-level theological study, and involves keeping a journal, a residential weekend and a short piece of written reflection. The course will run on Tuesday evenings at Cuthbert House, Durham and Thursday evenings at Church House, North Shields, starting in early October.

I’m so sad the course is finished! I really enjoyed my year with LTNE. It was an opportunity to learn more about my faith with other Christians from different traditions and it was a safe space to ask those questions you’ve been wondering about for so long! I especially loved the quiet evenings which were a new experience for me! The residential weekend was also amazing (the food was fab too!) and gave us a wonderful sense of fellowship with one another as we learned more about God. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about their faith, or even just meet other likeminded people, I’m so glad I did it! Jess

I encourage anyone who has felt even the gentlest of nudges from the Holy Spirit to get to know their faith better to think about the ‘Living Theology North East’ course. I thought I’d joined to better equip me to engage in conversation with my grandchildren about life’s big issues. However over the course of 30 weeks of help and encouragement to think about so many things I thought I already understood, it seemed God might have rather different ideas for me-there’s work to be done! Tony

Living Theology has been one of the best experiences I have had. It was informative, challenging and thought provoking. It has taken my discipleship to a whole new level and my relationship with God is stronger than it has ever been. The lecturers are knowledgeable and approachable. They are fearless in their opinions and love nothing better than a good debate. The weekend away was fantastic and made us so much closer as a group, which had the knock on effect that when we returned to lectures we had a new feeling of family. I loved it, and if you’re even vaguely thinking about attending, just do it! I guarantee it will be the best decision you have ever made! Nicola


New Testament Greek is an 18 month course which aims to enable you to learn the basics of this language. Meeting roughly every two weeks the group will work through the basic text book by Jeremy Duff entitled The Elements of New Testament Greek (3rd edn; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2005).

Along the way we will dip into selected passages from the New Testament. By the time we have finished, you will have developed your skills in New Testament Greek to the point where you can work on your own translation and exegesis of key passages.

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