VikarInnen Visit


VikarInnen Visit

On Friday 8 May Lindisfarne received a group of 15 trainee pastors who are studying at the Lutheran Seminary at Ratzeburg, and their tutor Marlies Richter. The group were in England for a week as a self-organised element of their training and had arranged to spend the afternoon with some of our core staff and with two Lindisfarne-trained curates. The German Lutheran system for training pastors means that they are in a role much more like curates in the Church of England, already heaving reached Masters level in theology before being eligible to apply for ministry training.

By chance their visit coincided with VE Day, and in thanksgiving for 70 years of peace between our nations, and in grateful recognition of the close links that have developed between our two training institutions, we kept two minutes silence together. ‘It’s a bit unEnglish but let’s hold hands as we do so’, I suggested. ‘It’s very unGerman’, they replied, and we observed a very poignant time of silence, former enemies united in prayer, respect and love.

The Lindisfarne ordinands will shortly be departing for their Summer School, staying at the seminary at Ratzeburg and sharing a time of study with a different Lutheran cohort.

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