Summer School 2014


Summer School 2014

20 Lindisfarne ordinands recently spent 9 days on Summer School in Northern Ireland looking at issues of peace, conflict and reconciliation. We were shocked and enchanted in about equal proportions - shocked at both the seeming fragility of the peace there and the protracted negotiations that surround every step forward, however tiny; enchanted by the utter beauty of the land. We were based at the Corrymeela Community on the North Antrim Coast and also spent a day in Derry/Londonderry and 3 days in Belfast, as well as an afternoon at the beautiful Giant's Causeway.

Christine Shield writes:
I don't think any preparation could have lessened the impact of our visit to Northern Ireland, it was a very emotive and emotional journey. I found myself in those places that had only been, until our visit, names that represented war, violence and death such as The Shankill Road and The Bogside. We met with ex IRA and UDA activists and we all had to balance what we knew they had been involved in with the peace they were trying to maintain now. It is a fragile peace and one we should be proud to support.

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