Lindisfarne RTP's 5 Year Celebration


Lindisfarne RTP's 5 Year Celebration

This summer Lindisfarne will have been up and running for 5 years.  We think this is worthy of a celebration!  On Saturday 12 July we will be walking from Durham Cathedral to Newcastle Cathedral, a journey of about 14 miles.

We are anticipating a start time of 9.30am and expect the day to finish around 5pm.  We appreciate that this will mean quite an early start for some people – but it’s quite a long walk!  We’re planning to walk along the river for some of the route so it won’t just be a slog on hard pavements.  There will be timed points on the route at which those who wish to join/leave the walk can do so.  There will also be breaks along the way with drinks and toilets.  We appreciate that people will want to engage in this day in different ways, and all will be welcome with families, friends and supporters.   We will also be seeking back up cars and people to staff the juice stops etc.  We intend to hold a service at each end of the walk.

A planning group (Catherine Walton, Danie Lindley and Stephen Ramshaw) is working on the detail of the day and we will be in a position to let you have further details soon.

We very much hope that this will be a fun and lively celebration of all that Lindisfarne has achieved.

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