Common Worship, Common Tenure, and now Common Awards


Common Worship, Common Tenure, and now Common Awards

Theological education for ministry and mission is being reshaped by the Church of England from September 2014 with the introduction of the Common Awards in Theology, Ministry and Mission. At Theological colleges and courses across the C of E and partner churches will be delivering a common suite of awards that will be validated by Durham University.

We have worked with the University since Lindisfarne RTP began five years ago and we are very much looking forward to this new development. The new arrangements have been prompted in part by national changes to the funding of higher education and they should make validation simpler and more affordable for the Church. The new provision will also bring greater coherence to the training and education offered across the colleges, courses and dioceses across England.

All college and courses have gone through a validation process that gives them permission to deliver the new course; we met with the Common Awards Validation Team in February and were delighted that the day went very well indeed. The Revd Canon Cathy Rowling, Principal of LRTP, welcomed the outcome: "As with all inspections, the process of preparation can feel arduous; the validation day itself though, could not have run more smoothly. The new Common Awards Professor, Mike Higton, and his team spoke with core staff, tutors and students and were very affirming, both in their initial feedback on the day and in the written report that followed. Indeed they echoed a phrase that I have used myself many times when they said that Lindisfarne’s students are its testimony."

Since its formation, LRTP has prided itself in offering theology to everyone. Cathy says, "We have welcomed and encouraged students from a wide range of social and educational backgrounds. Under the new Common Awards scheme we will seek to build upon our work to date, knowing that both the University and the Church of England are confident in the quality of the learning experience that we set before our students."

In addition to training people for public ministry, Lindisfarne RTP takes a number of other students each year. If you are someone who is keen to reflect on life and faith, to engage critically with the Bible and other key texts, to explore Christian thought as expressed both through history and today; if you have an open, enquiring mind and a willingness to engage in debate with people of a wide range of views, why not get in touch? Contact Jenny Burton by email or phone 0191 270 4144. We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss possibilities.

Study groups meet from mid-September at Church House, Percy Main on Mondays and at Durham High School for Girls on Wednesdays, both from 7:00-9:30pm.

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