Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership is a company set up by the Church of England, in partnership with the Methodist and United Reformed Churches, to provide learning opportunities for adult Christians from the Tees to the Tweed. We build upon the vast Christian heritage in the North East of England going all the way back to the Venerable Bede's account of Christianity written in 731C.E. It is this great heritage of faith that led to the choice of the name 'Lindisfarne'.
The Church is called to present the gospel clearly and attractively to people today. This is precisely what we are engaged in at Lindisfarne; we run programmes designed to help people to explore their Christian faith and we train clergy and Readers up to and beyond the start of their formal ministry.

Lindisfarne is part of a network of Regional Training Partnerships that together cover the whole of England. We are a company limited by guarantee. We are here to provide a service to the region, not to make a profit and as such we have Board members but no shareholders. Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are open to public scrutiny; please contact us if you would like to read them.

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